Drop-side Vehicles


  • High mechanical resistance steel chassis with anti-corrosion treatment through the hot galvanizing process.
  • Plywood flooring.
  • Front corner pillars made of high-strength steel and aluminium slats.
  • High-strength steel rear corner pillars.
  • Low exterior two-leaf doors with aluminum slats
  • Steel central pillars.
  • Foldable aluminium side walls.
  • Steel rear studs
  • Recessed lashing points.
  • Bolted drawbar with adjustable height and length.
  • Landing gear on the drawbar.
  • VALX or JOST axles with air suspension.
  • HALDEX EBS+ system.
  • Integral pilots in LED technology.

Optional equipment

  • Reinforced flooring with sheet steel.
  • Foldable rear doors.
  • Steel sheet cover for side guards, painted black.
  • Two or four landing gears on the chassis.
  • Tool drawer.
  • Fire extinguisher drawer.
  • Water can.